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Elevating Businesses to Their Full Potential

Businesses often struggle from one of two problems: a lack of operational expertise or failing to connect with the right kind of investors.


Icelaven empowers our portfolio of companies to maximize profits, motivate employees, and make a difference in the lives of those we serve—through operational expertise and values-driven, strategically-aligned investments.

Business Meeting

Strategic Investments

At Icelaven, we believe investors shouldn’t have to choose between companies they believe in and expecting a reasonable return.


That’s why we present investors with opportunities that make sense strategically and philosophically, as well as financially. 


From the education sector to marketing and government relations, our portfolio of companies thrives from a disciplined focus on tangible solutions, core values, healthy cultures, and measurable outcomes. 

Operational Expertise

The pain of growth often pulls business leaders away from what they do best—forcing them into roles they neither enjoy or fully understand.


That’s why Icelaven’s team of seasoned professionals works to free business leaders to return to the work they love—driving the strategy and deliverables of the companies they built.


From HR and sales, to accounting, marketing, and public affairs, Icelaven supports our companies with the operational expertise they need to thrive.

Business Meeting
Snow on Mountains

Results matter, not intentions.

Icelaven brings together capital, operational capabilities, and decades of experience to our portfolio of companies. We believe in lasting partnerships, not transactional relationships.


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